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Regional 15th Best All Breed Cat 2013/2014
Regional 7th Best Shorthair Cat 2013/2014
International 16th Best Shorthair Cat 2012/2013
International 2nd Best of Breed Siamese 2012/2013
Regional Best Shorthair Cat 2012/2013
Regional 2nd Best All Breed Cat 2012/2013
Regional Best of Breed Siamese 2012/2013
14th Best All Breed Kitten 2011/2012
Best Siamese Kitten 2011/2012
Best Chocolate Point Siamese 2011/2012
In Western Europe
This is "Eys"
"Lifetime Achievement International Winner.Regional Winner. Supreme Grand Champion. Alario Eysling"
Welcome to the Siamese Page.
This is our Chocolate Point boy "Eysling". He arrived all the way from Latvia on the 17th January 2012. Many thanks to Aljona Larionova for allowing me to have this stunning baby. He has a most wonderful temperament and is enormous !!!
His sire is Ch Campary Amikoshi and his dam is Alario Wenona His DOB is 10/08/2011.
25th All breed International Cat. 2014/2015
13th Shorthair International Cat. 2014/2015
2nd Allbreed Regional Cat. 2014/2015
Best Shorthair Regional Cat. 2014/2015
Best of Breed Regional Oriental Shorthair. 2014/2015
This is"Geisha"
"International Winner, Regional Winner. "Supreme Grand Champion Osterfen Geisha",
In her favourite place at a show, up the pole !!!!
"Geisha" is a daughter of "Eys" and "Dottie" Sensay Osterfenspotsnwhite, she is a Chocolate with White Bicolour Oriental girl. She was born on 21/11/2013. She has the most wonderful outgoing temperament and is very nosey, onto and into everything !!!!! She gained all her six titles including her Supreme Grand Champion Title in just three shows, which was amazing  and at only nine months old.
This is "Flip Flop".
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Osterfen Shivani
Flip Flop is a son of "Eys" and "Yolanda", He is a Chocolate Tabby Point Siamese. He was born on 08/07/2018. He is a very gentle boy and loves to play and retrieve is toys and run on the exercise wheel. He loves showing very much and never fails to amuse.   
9th All Breed Regional Kitten 2018/2019
15th Shorthair Regional Cat. 2018/2019
Best of Breed Regional Siamese Cat 2018/2019
17th Shorthair Regional Cat. 2019/2020
13th All Breed Regional Cat .2019/2020
Best of Breed Regional Siamese Cat. 2019/2020
This is "Dingo".
Regional Winner Double Grand Champion Osterfen Patadingo
Dingo is a son of UK IGr Ch Fiordiliso Jayjay's Jewels and Squirrel, he is a Chocolate Oriental Shorthair. He was born on 01/05/2019. Dingo is the most affectionate sweet cuddly boy who loves to get in the bath with me and also loves the exercise wheel.
6th All Breed Regional Kitten 2019/2020
4th Shorthair Regional Kitten. 2019/2020
23rd Shorthair Regional Cat. 2019/2020
This is "Squirrel".
Regional Winner Supreme Grand Champion Osterfen Tahlulah
14th All Breed Regional Kitten 2017/2018
19th Shorthair Regional Cat 2017/2018
Best Black Oriental Shorthair Regional 2017/2018
Best Oriental Shorthair Kitten Regional 2017/2018
9th Shorthair Cat Regional 2018/2019
Squirrel is a daughter of Eysling and Freya (RW:QGC Sensay Sister Act), she is a beautiful Black Oriental Shorthair. She was born 18/06/2017. Squirrel is a very sweet girl and loves to play and sleep in bed with me, she is a very good mummy. 
This is "Yolanda"
Regional Winner Yolanda Faeton
23rd AlL Breed Regional Kitten 2017/2018
2nd Best Oriental Shorthair Kitten 2017/2018
Yolanda came all the way from Russia to live with us and is a daughter of Ice Cream Faeton and Zlata Faeton, she is a Lilac Spotted Torbie Oriental Shorthair, DOB 24/01/2017. She was not a fan of showing but I must say has excelled as a mummy, Yolanda is a very happy girl and loves the dogs.  
This is "Kami"
Regional Winner Triple Grand Champion Osterfen Kamika
5th All Breed Regional Kitten 2018/2019
Best Siamese Kitten Regional 2018/2019
16th Shorthair Regional Cat 2018/2019
2nd Best Siamese Regional 2018/2019
Best Blue Tortie Point Siamese International
and Regional 2018/2019

Kami is a daughter of Osterfen Karamushi Blazing Inferno and RW:QGC Sensay Sister Act and is a Blue Tortie Point Siamese.DOB 06/03/2018 Kami hated showing to start with but soon came to love it and was very successful too. She is a sweet gentle girl and proving to be a good mummy.